What is cremation, and how does it compare in cost to earth burial?

Cremation is an alternative mode of disposition to earth burial.

It is simply the process of reducing the body to bone fragments through the application of intense heat for three to four hours in a cremation furnace. In our area approximately 5% of the families we serve choose cremation as disposition of choice.

When selected as a substitute for a traditional funeral followed by earth burial, the cost will be considerably less.

Today, however, most cremation families choose from a variety of opportunities that provide for meaningful services for the benefit of family and friends – both before and after cremation takes place.

Among those options are: A gathering of family and friends with the body present followed by a funeral before going to the crematory, a gathering of family and friends without the body present followed by a funeral, or a Memorial Service of remembrance at the funeral home or place of worship.

My Wishes

How can I make sure my funeral arrangements are carried out according to my wishes?

Pre-arranging a funeral is one of the more thoughtful decisions an individual can make for his or her survivors. It ensures that your funeral preferences and desires will be respected upon your death.

To make informed choices, you should know what you want; how much you can afford to pay; what guarantees are provided on merchandise and services; what happens if you move and want to change funeral homes; the tax consequence of the funding arrangements, if any; and if you are protected against inflation.

Your selections and preferences will determine the cost. You may elect to pre-fund the cost through insurance or a special burial fund. Most funeral directors offer inflation-proof funding vehicles that allow you to arrange exactly the kind of service you desire, at today´s prices, and be assured of adequate funds at the time of need.

For additional information visit our Advanced Planning Section.

Funeral Cost

What about Casket Stores and Internet Funeral Products Is it better to purchase merchandise through a retail funeral product store, a cemetery, the Internet, or a funeral director?

Consumers can opt to purchase funeral merchandise through retail outlets, cemeteries, and even the Internet. Over exaggerated claims about the savings one can achieve are prevalent, especially on the Internet.

A consumer should always get price quotes and make informed comparisons before purchasing any merchandise. Cemeteries and funeral retail outlets often maintain inferior quality products marked up higher than a funeral home simply because they need to recoup their operating costs from just the sale of those products.

Before purchasing from a third party provider, always get a written quote describing in detail the merchandise, materials, and warranties included. The terms and conditions of delivery should be included. Compare these prices and items to that of your local funeral director.

At Rezem Funeral Home we offer an extensive variety of caskets produced from wood, metal, and alternative materials.

What happens when there are no funds available?

Other than the family, there are veteran, union, and other organizational benefits to pay for funerals including, in certain instances, a lump-sum death payment from Social Security. In most states, some form of public aid allowances are available from either the state, county, city or a combination.

Most funeral directors are aware of the various benefits and know how to obtain them for the indigent. However, funeral directors often absorb costs above and beyond what is provided by agencies to insure the deceased a respectable burial.

How do I shop around for the best value and services?

Most funeral directors encourage the public to visit their funeral homes. Getting to know the person you will be dealing with at a very stressful time is very important and ideally should happen before the death of a loved one occurs.

After meeting with several funeral directors, you will most likely find one with whom you are comfortable - a person you experience to be patient and understanding, a good listener, an open-minded person you believe and trust, one who offers you choices consistent with your personal needs