Here at our facility or in any New Jersey community Please know that this list in not meant to be all inclusive as no two funerals are exactly alike.

  • 24 Hour Availability – Every day of the year
  • Public viewing and visitation
  • Private viewing and visitation
  • Family viewing and identification
  • Sheltering remains until decision can be made
  • Preparing human remains for funeralization via embalming (temporary preservation, restoration and disinfection)
  • Skillfull dressing, cosmetics, and casketing of remains
  • Religious service at church, temple or mosque
  • Religious service at funeral home
  • Graveside service
  • Memorial service - on or off premises
  • Chapel service at crematory
  • Earth burial - help with purchase of grave if necessary
  • Entombment - help with purchase of crypt if necessary
  • Cremation - help with temporary storage and disposition of remains
  • Disseminating all funeral related information
  • Arranging for transportation needs of deceased and or family
  • Worldwide shipping to any state or country
  • Receiving remains from virtually anywhere can easily be arranged by us
  • Advanced Planning - without fee or obligation
  • Funding of funeral expenses in advance
  • SSI/Medicaid Irrevocable arrangements for those in the spend down process
  • Writing death notice and obituary to be published in newspaper and on internet
  • Help with claiming any benefits available
  • Help with Social Security Administration and/or Veterans Administration
  • Help with filing forms for Social Security benefits
  • Help with filing for Veterans Administration benefits
  • Permanent recording of funeral and family information
  • Help collecting Life Insurance proceeds
  • Help obtaining additional certified copies of Death Certificate
  • Help obtaining detailed autopsy report from Medical Examiner’s Office
  • Help with donation of remains to medical school or mortuary school
  • Help with hotel reservations, repast or restaurant sites
  • Help arranging for flowers and florist referrals
  • Notary Public services
  • Resources of New Jersey State Funeral Directors Association
  • Complete selection of caskets, burial vaults, urns and monuments, memorial cards, thank-you cards, and other funeral related products and merchandise


Families often tell us, "We want to remember him or her the way he or she was."  In this comment is the beginning of a personalized funeral or cremation ceremony.  By remembering the qualities that made our loved one who they were or the unique way they could make us laugh, we commemorate their life.  By sharing these memories during a service, we personalize the ceremony.  You may choose to do this through a eulogy or music, or by creating a memory setting complete with a collage of photos and special mementos.

Creating a setting that represents an individual's family, work, hobbies, civic involvement or special interest can be very therapeutic during a difficult time.  Don't discount anything as being "too much of a bother."  Allow your imagination to guide you.  Your family, friends, and clergy can help.  Many unique options exist today to personalize a loved one's funeral services.

Many caskets today are manufactured with a variety of lifestyles or interchangeable corners that reflect important sports, hobby or religious preferences of the deceased. Memorial cards can be printed with a variety of sentiments, prayers or even photos if you so choose. Embroidery is available for many fraternal organizations, vocations, religious preferences, also names of children or grandchildren can be embroidered on various parts of the interior fabric of the casket.

Our experienced funeral directors and pre-need counselors can offer additional guidance and suggestions to help personalize your loved one’s funeral ceremony.